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Latest News from ALKALiNE Design & Marketing for Midlands Companies
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Design & Marketing business support for Midlands company's

7 ways Marketing support & training can help Birmingham businesses

We are a no-nonsense Design & Marketing agency that work with small businesses in Birmingham. But what makes us different, as well as all the usual agency stuff; what we speceialise in providing guaranteed practical Design and Marketing support to small businesses owners in Birmingham. If you can relate to any of below statements, Simon may be able to help you:

  1. Providing Birmingham businesses with direction and support to help you start marketing your business effectively, this is done by developing a realistic one page business Marketing plan and then helping you to achieve this.
  2. Ensuring your projects are delivered on time and on budget, is key to successfully Marketing your business – Simon will work with you on a regularly basis providing accountability and support to ensure deadlines are met.
  3. Simon will give you practical Design & Marketing advice on how to deliver projects, giving Birmingham businesses the confidence to tackle activities that you have been putting off or were unsure what to do about.
"Simon has a real no-nonsense approach to Marketing, which for someone in sales like me is a real plus. There is no fluff and stuff with the work Simon does and he does it on time as well.” – Steve Wright, Sandler Sales Institute
  1. When you know what you are doing it’s easy to succeed, by provide you with the training you need you can overcome the inevitable hurdles that prevent you from achieving the best results.
  2. Save time and money, when you receive Design & Marketing support from Simon, you get direction and access to an array so you can tackle projects effectively and reduce supplier costs / improve the service you receive.
  3. Structured payment plans, allow you to manage your businesses cash flow, so instead of having a single invoice, we spread your costs over an agreed period with NO interest to pay.
  4. We have access to Business Marketing Grants in the Birmingham area that can contribute towards the cost of your Design & Marketing support.

If you are Based in Birmingham, please call Simon on 0845 467 1074 or email him via the contact page.

Design & Marketing business support for Midlands company's
Design & Marketing business support for Midlands company's
Design & Marketing business support for Midlands company's

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